Sunday, April 1, 2018

End Results Does Not Matter

Its been quite long enough this site is not updates.

My last word to all ...   ' The guidance is always there even you not notice it - Not believing it, is a                                             waste '

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Useful Knowledge --- Indirectly Controlling Mechanism

Play better than opponents mean that you know what they are indirectly controlling -- etc in chess position .
Controlling mean leak which they want to hide.

Useful Method

I always want to find 'useful method' on how to think in chess.. At the end i was totally mess up with overlap/premature thoughts. I wonder it is because of lack of talent or the idea was not enough matured?  "Apa Yang Kamu Faham " The phrase will keep me constantly want to find 'key word' for everything's that i already know. Finding the key word mean i still not understand. 

 'Useful method' doesn't mean diligent ways but also some kind of escapism or inspiration . Some form of knowledge also doesn't mean it should be unique or novelty . It's look great if just simple and instructive. 

Applied knowledge without pure  knowledge remains weak. And pure knowledge without application will remain unfulfilled.

Process of forming knowledge...

1) Should be useful
2) Not stucked  --- Need to have specific format ---  same with unforgettable knowledge that you already pursuit .
3) Refining process 
4) Beleiving and satisfaction

So start finding it today!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Choosing line

Choosing line

Choosing best line from selection of line sometimes becomes a headache. The best way to look at it is to value the level of ‘end result’ satisfaction. We may confuse if judge it from popular move at the beginning of line. End result’s satisfaction should reflect the style of your play. If you feel comfortable with result, follow it and stick with the line of play.

All the events are not critical rather than accepting the end result of the consequence. End result satisfies only after the force even take into consideration. We need to accumulate the entire force event before deal with the end result.

So now, main course event is not important ,but how well we can dealt with the result is more important. Don’t play the line which doesn’t suit you style of play which you are not comfortable to face. get the feeling and play better than your opponent.


Chess is Unique

Same norm but with different approached. Winning chess for me is about resourcefulness move {combination of both initiatives and ‘harmonic reply/defense’ } with full of concentration. Concentration begins from looking entire board for unexpected lines and the use of ‘fresh eye’.

To be resourceful, never stop thinking although there is road block ---- look it from different approach then continue the plan. Being motivated to play on ‘elastic position’ rather than simple position. Take charge from imbalance position.

Harmonic defense is more to believing that every problem should have solution but still maintaining the initiative or elastic position. The art of maintaining such position will make your move resourceful and energetic {tenacity of optimistic}.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chess Board ; Penetration

'Don't stuck with the concept'; a phrase that inspired me to look deeper and deeper on the chess board.

Figure out all the things that you believe in yourself on being a chess player. Discover what the most you hate and like on chess board. You are success in understanding the chess position when you know which concepts of chess are wrong if refer to your way of play.

You can succeed to have your own method if you dare.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speak to Yourself

A moment to shout. Let's your mind shouting to get clear picture of what happened. Confront the doubt and be brave in making the decision on the board.